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Corex LLC Products

Wheel Chair Lift Mold
Wheel Chair Lift Chain
PD Stop
Sno-shooz & Sno-shooz2
Air Spring wear kit
AC Compressor
Transmission parts

We have a number of products that we have developed and market to various industries.  This list is not exhaustive.  Call us to see what Corex can do for you.

  • Wheel Chair Lift parts – Most consumables for Lift-U® wheelchair lifts, includes rails, bushings, master chain, slave chains and etc.
  • PD Stop™ – electrical timed relay to reduce and/or control parasitic draw. A Corex LLC exclusive!
  • Ramp-up™ – Ramps to assist in installing tire chains or as a lift for field service of vehicles. Heavy-duty and Standard-duty sizes. Nothing like it anywhere!
  • Sno-shooz™ & Sno-shooz2™ – Personal traction devices to help mechanics, drivers, and others work in ice or snow. Made to our specifications.
  • Express Hatch™ – Custom hatch for transmission access in low floor New Flyer / Voith transmission vehicles. Patent Pending. A Corex LLC exclusive!
  • Air Spring wear kit – A carefully designed kit for reducing wear and replacement Such . A Corex LLC exclusive!
  • AC Compressor – Aftermarket air-conditioning compressors made for Corex.  This will replace your Thermo King X426 and X430 and can be custom configured and equipped for ease of installation.

…and many more products on the “drawing board.”

Distribution Products

We also represent some very fine companies that provide products to enhance our services to our customers.  We are very “picky” about the company we keep!

  • Alto Products – Transmission parts for Voith® and Allison®. We know heavy duty. Huge Savings!
  • EarthPro Solutions – The best cleaners on the planet. Period! Loved by mechanics, women, men, children and pets for the unique cleaning power and gentle impact on the planet and skin.
  • Ram® Mounts – If you need something mounted…we have it!
  • DAYCO® – Belts, tensioners, pulleys, hoses, and etc.
  • Prevost – Air couplers and related accessories.
  • Pewag – The strongest chain in the world.  Call us.
  • Q'Straint – Wheelchair and occupant securement systems. The world's finest.

…and others in the works.

See our Line Card (Coming Soon!)

Featured Products

Wheelchair Lift PartsWheel Chair Lift parts

Our most complete line of parts is designed as replacement parts for Lift-U® wheelchair lifts.  In some cases we have parts that make existing components last longer.

Air Conditioning CompressorAir Conditioning Compressor Replacement

One of our newest part offerings is a complete service for replacement of Thermo King® X430.  This is brand new with no cores needed.  Removes the hassle of dealing with cores and the product is made in the of high quality parts. We custom configure according to your needs.  Call for warranty information.

Thermal System for Transit TubesEMP Corporation Thermal System for Transit - Tubes

All custom tubing for EMP’s Thermal System for retrofit / refurbishing of transit fleets.