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Round Machined Part with Large Holes
Round Machined Part
Machined Spindle with gear
Machined Part with Gears
Red Metal Mount Part
engine part
Red Metal Mounts

Customer ServiceServices provided by Corex LLC are broad and comprehensive. If you don’t see something that fits your needs give us a call, we are a custom parts manufacturing company with the ability to provide a wide range of production needs.

Transmission parts, wheel and axle parts, custom tools, tubing, hoses, anodizing, hard chrome, zinc chromate, brackets, engine mounts, gears, shafts, and etc. We have produced electrical parts, plastic parts, castings, wire harnesses, metal boxes and enclosures, and wheelchair lift parts.

Rebuild, Refurbish, Improve

Our business began by literally rescuing transmission parts from the dumpster. Parts that were discarded previously were retrieved, refurbished and returned to service. This saves money and the negative impact of waste management. Our expertise provides “like new” parts for Voith® and Allison® transmissions for the Heavy Duty industry. We are also rebuilding many of the wire harnesses associated with Voith® transmissions.

Most recently we have been providing services for Meritor® and Man® axle parts including planetary gear assemblies.

We have produced methods for upgrading engine mounts and have a proprietary method to refurbish air spring supports.

There is not enough room to show all of our solutions and services, but you can rest assured that if you have a need we have the background to provide what is needed to solve your problem. With high quality components, knowledgeable parts specialists, Corex LLC can be your partner in solving the issues that you face.

Other Services

PixSS7Our customers are amazed at the scope of services we offer.  Through the Production Partner Network (PPN), a Corex LLC exclusive, we can just about do anything.
silver filter  Laser cutting, water jetting, electronics, castings, plastic injection, machining, repairs, welding, refurbishing, pyrotapping, tubing, plating, powder coating, heat treating and the list goes on and on.

cutting machineNeed custom tools? We have produced custom pullers, long-reach valve core tool, and adjustment drivers, just to name a few! If you need it, call us! Quotes cost nothing.